This Little Light of Mine…



It’s only been one post so far and I have received really awesome emails from my readers!  Keep them coming as they inspire me.  Yes, you inspire me to reach my fullest potential 😘.

It’s so refreshing to have support and partners in sharing.  The world needs more of that, don’t you think?

Our world is filled with negative messages – war, terrorism, prejudice, disease, etc – that it is easy to get caught up in it, allowing it to become a part of us.

We limit ourselves; place our “beings” in boxes and stick labels all over them.  Issues come up and we slap another message of “this means something about me” on the confined space we imprison ourselves in.  Sometimes it’s another person placing us in the box, playing the blame game and placing names on us and it starts to seep into our belief system.

Think of it this way.  We tend to have a filing cabinet in our minds of all the things we have done, or things that have happened to us.  We then take those “issues” and place them into categories with a big bright neon sign on each file folder.  These signs read “proof that I am not good enough”, “proof that I am a failure”, and sometimes, though few and far between, they will read “proof that I am worth it”.   Though, let’s be honest, that file is small because we don’t give ourselves enough credit.

But we are much bigger than that.  We are much bigger than those labels and boxes and files we seem to define ourselves with.  Do you know that they mean nothing?  Seriously, they don’t mean a thing!   You’ve heard it before that your past does not define you.  And it’s true, as long as you only believe it.

How can a piece of God – the epitome of perfection – BE imperfect?  We come into this life with a clean slate.  That slate should be clean throughout our lives.  It doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences to our actions.  But we have the ability to create everyday anew. Wiping the slate clean every morning we wake up.  Just because yesterday you missed a deadline doesn’t mean you’re going to do it today.  Right?

That’s what I mean.  It’s like that with everything. Who are you going to be today?

Imagine you knew someone who had so much love to give and the world didn’t even know it.  The person’s filing cabinet was so full of negative lies about them that they didn’t have the courage to let what was special about them shine. People dimmed the light with words and actions they weren’t aware affected the person.  And now imagine that person gone from this life.  It seems a tragedy, doesn’t it?

I learned about someone like that recently.  And maybe that’s a contributing factor to this “My Best Me Challenge”.  It opened my eyes as to how my own fear and experiences in recent months of being ridiculed, hurt, manipulated, etc was dimming my own light.  I don’t want to be that person who wasted time on “what if’s” and holding back my own potential.

It will be a challenge to be as authentic as I can.  Many things have occurred in my life and my own labels will need to be ripped off like a band aids.  But I won’t be that person who’s light was being dimmed by the limitations.  I only have one life, and I will use it as we are all meant to – full out!

it reminds me of the song “This Little Light of Mine”:

I won’t let anyone blow it out

I’m gonna let it shine.

Let it shine! Let it shine! Let it shine!

We are spiritual beings, a part of the bigger picture.  We are love and light, meant to spread our specialness throughout this world.  So spread that love & positive energy!  You are an amazing potential.  You are special!

Love & Light!

My question for you:

What do you feel holds you back from reaching your fullest potential?  And what labels have you placed on yourself?  What can you do to rewire your thought process into KNOWING you are a child of the Universal Life Force?

P.S. Today was my first Cleanse Day on the 30 day cleanse.  I have weighed in from yesterday and I’ve lost 4 lbs for those who are tracking the health aspect of my blog.  Get yours here.


5 thoughts on “This Little Light of Mine…

  1. I have so many labels that i have placed upon myself or let other place there, however today i start removing those labels one at a time, as a good friend said to me baby steps. I’m the biggest part of being held back from my potential, at times I am my own biggest enemy…again I have work to do… I really enjoyed yesterdays blog very deep, made me sit up and take stock of who I am and what I am….I have a long road ahead but so up for the challenge. I have had better thoughts and feelings over the past few days due to good friends that have supported me and a great sis(you) who caught my attention with some very good posts and now I’m ready to stand up and fight……


      • I’m going to take another step today, I’m going to go to the Easter Service tonight, haven’t been there since Christmas Day….Time to lay it down and say it is finished……Here’s to a new start and a happy one…..Your inspiring quotes have been the core of this revelation……Keep them coming


      • Good for you! Easter is a wonderful time to start anew! Remembering what He went through on “Good Friday” 2000 years ago will help. If Jesus can bear the cross for us, then we can do our part to make our lives worth it. 🙂


      • I left the Church last night feeling the weigh of my fears, and some labels being lifted away, I am so feeling better and positive today. I’m resting up for tomorrow, Last night i couldn’t find a ride actually i didn’t really try, I just walked it took a long time with all ice but God gave me the strength and steady legs to get to the Church. He’s been calling for a little while, will give you all the details when i see you next….Keep posting those great blogs and inspiration thoughts it helps and keeps me on track funny how just one little thought can move someone so much….

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