Yesterday I had everything planned out for today.  I was going to get up early, pop on another High Intensity Interval Workout routine, and continue with a regular “Shake Day”, and have a grand ol’ time with my family as Good Friday meant a day off.  Who knows what the day may bring for adventure.

So 9:30am comes around and I realize I’m not starting it off as planned.  Meh…that doesn’t matter.  I still have plenty of time to get my hind quarters out of bed and do what needed to be done, right?


I wake up with a headache.  A lovely, pounding headache that gnaws at my neck, shoulders and temples.  Change of plans!  “No High Intensityanything today if this headache continues” I thought.

I consumed my Ionix Supreme and IsaLean Shake as usual, hoping this was only a “hunger headache” and I would return to my regularly planned day.

As it turns out, I did not.  I spent my day being lazy on the couch watching television nursing the stinking headache, drinking peppermint tea and massaging my occiput with muscle relaxing essential oils (another post on that to come).

Life is like that, isn’t it?   We plan for things to happen and most times things work out. I mean, even me with this blog.  I planned on writing everyday, hoping to spread some hope, love and inspiration around, but today it’s just not happening.

There is a lesson in it though.  Sometimes life works out but sometimes it doesn’t.  And that’s okay, because we can’t control everything.  But what can we do when it doesn’t go the way we want?  Here are some pointers.

  1.  There is no need to beat oneself up over things that can’t be controlled.  All we can do is control our own reaction to it.  So, be gentle with yourself when things don’t go as planned
  2. Sometimes life’s little detours will take you places you’ve never dreamed of.  So, be open to whatever path you’re being led down.
  3. It ties in with the above suggestion, but just trust in the universe, or God, or whatever your spiritual belief may be.  It can be hard if you’re a control freak, but remind yourself as often as you can that the universe will choose rightly for you and that you’ll never be given ANYTHING you can’t handle.
  4. Enjoy the ride.  If life takes you down “the road less travelled” be sure to stop and take in the little things.  Breathe.  “Stop and smell the roses.”  Listen to the laughter of a child.  Whatever it is, find the joy in the moment.  A silver lining can ALWAYS be found.
  5. Find your inner warrior.  A warrior isn’t necessarily someone who physically fights for what they want/desire/etc.  Instead it is someone who perseveres even when fear has taken hold.  Be brave, courageous, and remember that sometimes life will take you down a path you’re meant to BRAVELY go.  You might have your plans, but God has something greater in store for you.  And believe me when I say this, you will come out stronger.

My apologies for being so short tonight.  Instead of fighting this headache & sore throat by staying up, I’m going to listen to my body and head off to bed.  I’m not going to sweat it if this blog isn’t perfect tonight.  Tomorrow is another day.

Good evening!


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