From Black Thumb to Green Thumb…

Let’s take a detour and talk about something other than personal growth.  Let’s talk about planting the seeds…literal seeds this time!

For many years now I’ve attempted to grow a garden.  Not just any garden.  I’m talking about that storybook, scenic, Victorian garden that you’re almost certain fairies live and work their magical wonder in.  You know the one I’m talking about.  That white, picket-fenced garden exploding with lavender, hollyhocks, roses, foxgloves, delphinium and many other flowers rich in fragrance and visual candy hiding behind an ivy covered gate.

It’s a beautiful dream, isn’t it?  But that’s all it has amounted to be.  For I know nothing about growing a healthy, thriving garden and because of that, I consider myself a black thumb.

Okay, so I can’t say that the title is a prophecy of any sort.  I may just continue to remain a plant killer with no knowledge about what plants look good where and who gets along with who.

But as a bit of a challenge I am going to try again this year.  And this year I shall do one thing I didn’t go before – RESEARCH!

So what does this have to do with My Best Me Challenge?  Everything actually.  I come from a long line of green thumbs and I am convinced I’ve just been doing this half-arsed and that even I can be the garden guru eventually.  I think this whole time I haven’t put my best work into it.  Showing respect for nature will probably work better than, “hmmm, I think I will just plant this here and see what happens!”  If this is going to go somewhere, I need to be focused and give my respect to the art of gardening.  With practice, determination and a little help I’m sure I will be able to eventually have my dream backyard oasis.

This garden also consists of a vegetable patch.  I have grown veggies before.  Which is why I believe I can develop that green in my thumbs.  A couple of times I was very successful with the tomatoes and had enough to make at least three meals out of the sauce I created from them.

Anyway, this year instead of going to the local store to purchase their GMO seedlings I have chosen to plant the seeds indoors to say that I really grew my veggies.  My regular flowers will still be purchased as young plants, I don’t have that much room to start ALL of my plants indoors.  Besides, I would imagine it would be more likely I’d kill every single one of them.  With little knowledge of all things plants I’d probably spend too much time on one when I should be focusing on the others.

So for those who are attempting a full-out gardening challenge like myself, here is what I found today on when to start your seeds.  Compliments of




So there you have it folks!  There is obviously still time to start those seeds indoors!  The timing is perfect.

As for the Victorian garden, I have some ideas but most of all I am asking for help this year.  There is a challenge in itself – me asking for help!  I don’t always feel comfortable in doing so, as I am well aware that everyone has challenges of their own.  But I think as part of My Best Me, I need to learn to surrender to asking for assistance.

So, for those attempting a veggie garden or a backyard oasis like mine, HAPPY GARDENING!



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