Wish Upon A Star…

.”Come play with me!”

The innocent words of a child pleading with the parent to engage in some crazy imagination game.  We have heard them many times in our lives especially if we are a parent or caregiver.  Magical words that have the ability to wisk you away from everyday life to a completely different dimension…if we only allowed ourselves.

What if that child was not a physical one tugging at your sleeve, but a child in spirit deep within you?

Have you ever heard that call or felt that pull?  The inner child buried in your very being that yearns to make an appearance.  You forgot about that child, didn’t you?

It is the piece of you that believed in fairies, unicorns and/or leprechauns.  The very same piece of you that believed in peace on earth & happy endings.

What do you suppose we could learn from that sentient being?  When was the last time you stopped and dreamed about that peace on earth?

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking my child to see the movie, “The Little Prince”.  The film, based on the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is a visually stunning animation.  The movie follows a young girl who is befriended by her elderly neighbour.  While her mother wants her to be focused on her “life plan”, her new friend teaches her – through his story of his adventures with The Little Prince – to use her imagination and see with her heart, to know that the most important things in life can only be felt.

We can see ourselves in the little girl.  Our lives are mostly rushed and centred around money and survival that we forget about the most important things in life.  I find myself getting caught up in the monotonous of everyday life on a regular basis.  But I’m grateful I have children in my life all around to remind me to stop and remember the child within.  To stop for a moment and play, use my imagination.  To see the magic in the flutter of the butterfly, or hear the symphony in the vast amount of birds singing their individual songs in the morning.

I feel there is a great amount of healing in remembering your inner child.  It is the most innocent part of us that just wants to be heard and respected.  To acknowledge it and nurture it would mean we are taking ourselves seriously.  Not in the way that it means everyday as in “take this seriously man!”  But in a deeper sense, that we are important and deserve to be heard.  Take it a bit further and realize that if we all heal ourselves and take ourselves seriously, maybe the healing can happen in the world.  Afterall, peace on earth starts from within.

Imagine telling a child to stop creating.  It would be harmful to their wellbeing and growth.  We know this scientifically speaking that if we prevent a child from getting their hands dirty by creating with mud, paint, play doh or whatever they may not develop certain problem solving abilities.

So why is it okay for us to silence our own inner child?

I know that after seeing The Little Prince I felt the need to get back in touch with that imaginative part of me.  Something as simple as wishing upon a star, a part of the My Best Me Challenge is reconnecting with my inner child in hopes that it will not only help me achieve my goals but also to be the best mother I can be.

How about you?  What do you feel you’ve neglected in your own inner child?  Do you believe there can be healing in honouring your inner child?

until tomorrow, good night!


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