Lordy, Lordy!

Hi guys!

I’ve been a bit slack…okay, so very slack…it’s been a month since my last post.

The “My Best Me Challenge”continues everyday still.  I can’t say that I’ve been my best.  Life throws us those curve balls, and sometimes we hiccup.  But I’m still plugging away.

This past month has been one to remember.  First off, I turned the big 4-0!  Yay me!  Someone recently told me, “Don’t worry.  The 40’s are the best years!”

I’d tend to believe it.  I honestly don’t feel 40.  Sure physically/biologically speaking, I do notice a difference.  But that difference has been occurring over the past year, so it didn’t suddenly jump at me from a shifty looking ally while I was taking a lovely Sunday stroll.  No, these changes have been whispering at me and following me like a shadow on a sunny day.  Nothing to make me shudder. LOL

But in general, I am still around 33 in my mind.  So I’d tend to think that if people say the 40’s are their best years, I’m going to have a heck of a decade if I still feel early 30’s!  Yay me!

My garden is coming along.  Thanks to early planting (indoors, of course), and those “PRE-safe-planting-weekend” sales…you know the ones where the price is oh so good, yet your mind isn’t made up as to whether or not to buy them because the weather isn’t exactly guaranteed to be co-operative until a certain weekend.  Well, I purchased because I can’t resist a good deal!   And I planted one week early!!!  GASP!!!  Knock on wood tonight the frost warning is only that – a warning.  And cross your fingers the weatherman isn’t wrong again in stating that from tomorrow onward we are officially in gardening season.

The Isagenix is going well!  Energy gain is the absolute BEST thing from it all and I’m thanking my lucky stars I started back up.  The “fat release” and muscle gain is just an awesome and most welcome side effect.

Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone on the things I have been up to.  It’s been more than this.  A bit of “baby squirrel” raising, some crazy Mamma-bear moments, and a lot of fun times.  All in all I’d give myself 70% rating on being my BEST me this past month.

So how about you?  Where have you all been at?  Have you been enjoying life to its fullest?

Pictures of my garden to come….and the story of the baby squirrels is to come as well!

Chow 4 now y’all!

Wishing you all great health!


One thought on “Lordy, Lordy!

  1. Where have we been, well I’ve been to Ottawa to see the Prime Minister…..LOL instead of London to see the Queen. However yes went to Ottawa for 10 days was great was there for Musicfest Canada as a volunteer. I have done this for 9 seasons now and love it…Hard to believe but over 10,000 kiddies is awesome, you go go go. I not sure how young the youngest choir is but I’d say gr 2 and it was a first time at the Nationals….We had a great week and both glad to be home, have more challenges now but I can handle them, no one is going to get me to lower to their level…I am staying positive….So keep the quotes coming they all have great in depth meaning, and some eye openers……Thanks for doing this blog….


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