Squirrel Mother (for a few days)


My bad. Again I’ve traded in my “go get ’em blogger” attitude for….SQUIRREL!


Yes, that’s just how I roll.  I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how hard I try to keep on track, something distracts me.

Take my commitment to blogging for example.  I’m all, “WOOT!  Come on, let’s do this thing and blog everyday until I’m blue in the face so I can grow into the human bean I hope to be.”  I start off fabulous and then….SQUIRREL!

Ok, so in this case, it’s not a squirrel, it’s life. 😻  I’ve been so focused on being my best me gardener and “witch” and enjoying it all that I have forgotten to share.

So, onto my story!

a few weeks ago, in the evening, when the sun wasn’t quite setting (oh the long days of late spring!❤️), I was strolling in my backyard garden, enjoying the peacefulness in the air.  My husband, also taking in the beauty, was close by.  All of a sudden I hear him say quickly, “don’t move!”

😳😳….don’t move…..😳😳

In my startled, frozen, paranoid mind I’m thinking, “No ‘GOOD’ reason can make someone say ‘don’t move’  What on earth is near me?”

Then came the challenge.  “Turn around…SLOWLY!”

With all the courage I could muster, I turned my head expecting to be confronted by an Aragog sized tarantula, a basilisk, or a hungry mamma cougar….okay I exaggerate…..but yes I was quite nervous about what I’d find lurking behind me.

“Look down.” He said.

And there, – cue sappy violin music – looking at me with those big, sparkly, pleading “Puss in Boots style”cartoon eyes sat a baby squirrel at my feet.

im not a fan of squirrels.  I avoid them with my car when they dash across the street in their sadistic, last minute attempt to watch a human panic.  But I’m not googley-eyed over them like I am cats and puppies and bunnies and…you get the idea.  To me, squirrels are kinda cute with a tendency to just snap.


But here was this MINI-squirrel staring up at me.  I had never been this close to one, let alone this young, before.

The moment of awe was almost immediately broken by a surprise attack on my calf-lengthed skirt.  The little dude wanted to climb up me!!  Naturally, I jumped and scared it off its attempt to use me like a tree.  But despite the startle, it continued to follow me throughout the backyard.  At points I was running away from it as it insisted I was to be its mother.

finally, we – hubby & I – decided it was orphaned and needed caring for.  A bowl of nuts & seeds, one scoop of peanut butter, and a small dish of water later and we were the proud parents of a baby squirrel!

As it is illegal to “own” a squirrel we left it in its natural habitat, but to be honest we didn’t expect it to survive the night.  The temperature had dipped to an unseasonable low that evening and without its mother we thought it would succumb to hypothermia.

Good news!  Wee Squirrel Nutkin did just fine!  So fine that the next day its little brother or sister joined in the fun!

Two baby squirrels!  Imagine the excitement of the neighborhood children seeing these two fluff balls following an adult around, and living in our yard.  I was some magical squirrel whisperer!  You could just hear the whimsical soundtrack of a comedic, fantasy flick playing in my mind as I was faithfully being followed by my two furry side kicks.

Now, Mother Nature is a Beautiful, wonderous thing, but every mother has a serious side.  With two orphaned, helpless rodents there will always come two hungry, scheming predators.  One evening…our last together…our fur friends were romping around the backyard with my friend, her child and my own. *please note: at NO TIME did we handle the babies.  We are smarter than that.  We are very aware of diseases, ticks, worms and other disgusting things wild animals can carry.*.

The sky was clear, the temperature had warmed up. In general it was a gorgeous day.  Not a cloud in the sky.  What WAS in the sky, however, gliding above my house were two very ominous looking birds of prey.  Big enough to be Hawks, they circled overhead.

immediately I jumped up and told the kids to get in the house!  Once the human kids were safe it was time to make sure the fur babies had shelter too.  Like a good squirrel mother I called my babies to follow me.  I led them to the wood pile they had been sleeping in…its a very large pile and so if a hawk wanted to try, the chances of it getting them were slim.  And so into the wood pile they went.

The next day they were no where to be found in the wood pile.  I had feared something got them…a nice midnight snack for the fox I had seen that morning, or a meal for two Hawks?  Who knew?

Until they were seen romping around with other squirrels, raiding my bird houses of the seeds (which they completely destroyed).   Squirrels.  I’m certain they’re smarter than we give them credit for!  At some point, I’m sure the babies hitched up with another family and told them, “hey! This crazy lady has pity on us!  Come with us, we know how to get her to feed the whole squirrel population!”

And there it was.  I was duped by two adorable balls of fur.  But I did say I wanted to get more in touch with nature 😀

on a side note, my garden is slowly coming along.  This year has been horrendously dry so it’s made me more diligent with taking care of my plant babies.

How’s your summer been going?



Squirrel Mom